Competence model for leaders and co-workers


Do you have a need to map and develop the competencies of your co-workers and managers?

Our competence mapping is based on Decision Dynamics Competence Library™, a compilation of more than eighty scientifically researched and tested competencies, each with measurable connection to our tools.

Our competence library may help you to:

  • Establish which competencies signify your organization
  • Ensure that the organization is developing in the right direction for reaching set goals
  • Create a development plan, based on which competencies need to be developed and to what extent.

Our users can through our competence library identify and define competencies that capture the essences of their businesses. That they later can follow up these competencies with the help of our tools means that they are able to set the competence development in the right direction.

Contact us for more information on how competence mapping can be used for your organization.