Engaging Tasks


More engaging work tasks may increase efficiency, quality, cooperation and speed with 50-100% by making use of twice as much of one's potential. Every week, managers and co-workers lose a significant amount of engagement due to working many hours with tasks that are experienced as "engagement killers". Naturally everyobdy cannot only work what we find most enjoyable, but there are great values to save by simply trying to exchange one of the worst "killer" hours for one of the better "driver" hours, that add lasting energy and so much better performances.


Recommended tools for creating and retaining engaging tasks

We offer two tools which may help managers and co-workers to identify what tasks are typical "drivers" and "killers" of everyday engagement for different persons and find ways to develop tasks to be engaging, thus leading to better results and motivation.

  • CareerView contributes to this by supporting individuals in getting a more engaging development path for their work tasks, for example a more stable, long-term specialization process for those who depthening motives, more managerial challenges for those who have leading motives and more cross-functional collaboration for those who wish to broaden their competencies.
  • StyleView contributes to this by enabling individuals to a complexity level and working speed that is suited for their needs and preferences, for example by providing simplified systems for those who want to act fast, advanced planning tools for those who want to ake detailed analyses and exciting project missions for those who want to collaborate creatively.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice! You may also continue further on your reading on the other dimensions of the Engagement Compass and how you may work with engagement for both individuals and groups.