Financial Services


The financial service industry often demands competent large-scale planning and risk management, in combination with motivated staff that can deliver services to customers. Thus engaging leadership and talent management become deciding factors in the competition for market shares.

Decision Dynamics have contributed with tools and consultant services to both banks such as European Investment Bank, Nordea and SEB, as well as to insurance companies such as Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, Trygg-Hansa and Zurich Financial Services, including:

  • leadership development with the help of increased self-insight, that will help finding motivation potential and avoid misoriented career development
  • organizational development for creating a more engaging culture with more motivating and cost-efficient rewards, more relevant evaluations and strategy-supporting structures
  • teambuilding with more efficient cooperation through increased insight about the diversity of the group members and how this diversity can be used more to improve communication and task distribution
  • selection and assessment of more competent and motivated talents and their potential for present or future positions, absed on their fit respective position's demands
  • outplacement support that turns lay off-threats into motivating career opportunities

Contact us to discuss how our tools can contribute to improved leadership, attraction, selection, development and retention of managers at different levels and other staff in the financial service industry.