Me and My Engagement


What are the "drivers" and "killers" of your engagement? Even though we might experience engagement or disengagement very concretely in the moment it is happening, too few analyze the patterns of the increasing and decreasing of one's engagement on the long run. Decision Dynamics have developed the Engagement Compass™ to help people discover in what direction they may find more engagement.


Recommended tools for increased self-insight

We offer two tools especially capable of providing support for individuals to develop their self-insight and thus get better equipped for taking bigger responsibility for their own engagement.

  • CareerView, which may help individuals discover inner motivation potential, and avoid developing in directions that are not as rewarding as one might be led to believe
  • StyleView, which shows how our information-handling habits and decision-making processes are more or less suitable for different kinds of situations and contexts, especially leadership levels, tasks and interpersonal chemistry.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice! You may also continue further on your reading on the other dimensions of the Engagement Compass and how you may work with engagement for both individuals and groups.