Increasing Interest in Career Self-Awareness in Russia


RosExpert, Decision Dynamics Russia-based partner, recently conducted a large career study of 500 persons in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The study shows that while a traditional “climbing the ladder” type of career is still the general perception of success, the new generation of Russians entering the job market are more driven by lateral career movements and developing one-self and others. Antonina Ivanova, Senior Consultant at RosExpert, explains:

Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically. We have moved to the economy formed by supply and demand. That has brought new opportunities for both employers and employees. Companies now compete for clients with quality of goods and level of services which means a call for attracting best talents that are able to deliver on new strategies. Topics of employee engagement and retention bring up the question of understanding their motives and aspirations. Employees investigate a new reality as well. The Career Model has the potential to help both organizations and employees to pursue their goals while speaking the same language of motives and opportunities.

It would seem then that the post-Soviet Zeitgeist is one of exploration and self-fulfillment – making it no wonder that the Career Model is being so well received in the Russian market. In a short time-frame, several Russian magazines, including notable publications such as Forbes and Marie Claire, have recently published articles that highlight Decision Dynamics Career Model, a coverage made possibly through contributions by Ivanova.


Hi Antonina! Tell us a bit about yourself and your organization?


Hi! I am lucky to be part of RosExpert’s leadership and talent consulting team. My company specializes in assessment, formation and development of leadership teams. Founded in 1996, RosExpert was growing together with the emerging Russian business. RosExpert witnessed the transition from the Soviet people administration system based on headcount and payroll to the modern, comprehensive people and business solutions that treat talents as the most valuable asset of any organization. Nowadays, most of our clients realize that the main competitive advantage of their business lies in people, and we are happy to see that. Together, we are working on enhancing the corporate culture and employee engagement towards the successful corporate strategy.

What has your relationship with Decision Dynamics meant for you?

RosExpert has always valued partnerships. We consider them to be the source of mutual growth and development. For more than 15 years, RosExpert has been an alliance partner of Korn Ferry, the global single-source organizational consulting firm. We have known the Decision Dynamics products as part of Korn Ferry’s toolset for more than 10 years by now. That is why the idea to introduce Decision Dynamics as our new partner has come up naturally and now we are happy to add the Decision Dynamics Career Model to our range of scientific-backed methods that help cater to our clients’ needs in the most precise way.

What has been the defining moment in your career so far?

It is interesting that my personal career story is best described in the Career Model, and had I known this back in 2013 it would have perfectly helped me. Since my university years I have seen the managerial path as the only true way to personal success and fulfillment. The turning point occurred when I was offered to become the General Director of the company I worked for. The most sought-after proposal in my whole life (or, at least, I believed so) did not make me feel happy in the least.

I took a pause for an honest evaluation of things that made me happy, things that I had always excelled in and things that I felt like doing. As a result, I decided to join a consulting company in a business development and consultant role. No more running up for the CEO position. Now this is my fifth year with RosExpert and I feel that my occupation is outstandingly engaging. I work in the team of bright professionals, combine several roles and have loads of opportunities for self-development. RosExpert is my first employer ever, where after a lapse of several years I still feel as interested in and positively challenged with my work as on my first day there.

How can we best manage our most promising talents?

The business setup has changed dramatically – nowadays, the recruitment process in its entirety revolves around candidates and employees — their talents, desires and individual goals are becoming a starting point of any hiring talk. People desire more than just a function they are able to perform or just a salary that satisfies their needs, which prompts companies to align the employees’ interests and personal objectives with the corporate strategy. Career paths, ways and principles of personal development within the corporate world have to be transparent. The best way to do this is building a culture that responds to and resonates with people’s motives, preferences and values.

Finally, what in your opinion are the biggest challenges faced by leaders in today’s global market?

I think that the toughest challenges can be attributed to the myriads of fast-paced and unexpected changes alongside with the information overload that we are currently witnessing. Our cognitive abilities and brain functioning remain the same as centuries ago and cannot progress so rapidly. The good news is that we have already made a very important step in our transformation, having come to realize that a human being is much more than just an employee or a role or a function. Most market players, including candidates and companies, view career as an important personal and organizational factor of success and happiness.

Therefore, as far as one’s professional path is concerned, the question "What road do I take?" can be immediately answered with Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat’s quote: "Where do you want to go?" The true challenge for leaders is to distill their real motives, define what exactly brings them joy in their routine assignments and gives them a sense of meaningfulness every day. This would be a sure path to an engaging career and personal success.


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