Engaging Performance Management


How can we engage people to perform even better?

Setting goals and following-up is standard fare. Lifting performance requires anchoring goals in an engaging fashion, even more so than setting the goals themselves. Decision Dynamics Feedforward™ method engages and focuses individual motivation to perform and develop oneself and one’s role.

How do we create a more result- and performance-based culture?

By engaging individual developmental motives with operational developmental goals we help our customers create engaging cultures. The merger of performance management and talent management processes helps create better overall results.


  Decision Dynamics
  Assess™ Select™ Develop™
Create success profiles based on operational and role demands for better selection and development      
Measure and assess the developmental capabilities and motivations most relevant for current and future roles      
Assess workgroup performance, strength, challenges and developmental needs for individual and the group effectiveness      
Assess and strengthen support from leaders and in the organization´s culture for higher performance and greater engagement      
Recruit internal and external talents with highest potential for highest performance based on job/role motivational and competence profiles      
Develop critical competencies for given roles that are also highly engaging for employees, leaders and managers      
Clarify how operational results and developments are linked to individual-based motivation and competence profiles      
Realize performance focused team-building tied directly to operational developement