Government Offices


The Government Offices is a state authority placed under government and with the Swedish Prime Minster as executive director. It consists of all of the government’s specialized ministries, for example the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. They are dedicated to assignments from the government, including investigating different topics and providing basis for the government’s decisions. Circa 4300 staff are employed there.


Goal: To through the use of career planning secure the Government Offices’ competence maintenance for the long term, as well as contribute to make the Government Offices a more attractive employer.

Process: Over 4000 employees were involved in career planning efforts, using CareerView™ tools as foundation. The career planning emphasized the employees’ career concepts and motives in relation to the their present work tasks, life outside the office and conditions for further development.

Results: An evaluation with the first 100 participants of this career planning showed that more than half of the participants were acknowledged to change parts of their assignments, a third had become more satisfied with their work situation and one fourth had already gotten started with implementing engaging changes.

Tools: CareerView

Application: Career & Coaching

Industry: Public Sector