Retail is a big industry with often heavy competition for market shares, where leadership, staff and engagement play particularily big roles. It is in very few industries that such large portion of the organizations' staff are mostly in front-office with many customer meetings. The shop staff's social competence and motivation makes an important difference for the overall sales, as their engagement, or lack thereof, directly affects the customers' experience and willingness to consume.

The costs too are often greatly affected the often high staff turn-over, as retailers can note significant differences internationally, between different countries, as well as locally, between different stores, when it comes to how successful store managers are at recruiting and engaging staff. Considering the costs that come from only one person quitting his or her job, there is a lot of money to save by attracting, selecting, leading, developing and retaining more engaged and engaging store managers and staff.

Organizations such as H&M, IKEA, Norsk Medisinaldepot NMD and Posten Norge have used Decision Dynamics tools and services of our network of consultants, for example to:

  • Create and maintain an engaging leadership
  • Assess, select and develop more engaging and efficient leaders at different leadership levels
  • Identify success profiles for assessment and selection of key positions
  • Support more engaging feedback sessions and team development

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